Containment Corps mixes first person action with co-operative strategy and tower defense elements.


Defend Your Base

All in the name of the Corporation!


Containment Corps is an online multiplayer cooperative first person experience. The game combines elements of resource management and traditional FPS themes to create an exhilarating team-based encounter. 


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You and a team of specialized units have been called upon to quell an uprising of contaminated swamp creatures. Choose your class and coordinate your defense; utilize unique abilities and powerful turrets to repel the onslaught. Keep the operation running. Manage your crystal energy supply to maintain full-base functionality, upgrade defenses, and power up weapons. Collect more by harvesting dead enemies. 



Scaled Survival: Assemble a team to execute the longest holdout. Play alone or with up to 8 combatants.


Playable Classes

Co-Operative Strategy: Utilize one of four classes to combine talents and complete the difficult task of surviving.

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Use unique movement and debilitating traps to get in close, harvest, blast them with your shotgun, and get out.

gearhead icon.png


Man and place turret guns with deadly efficiency, engineer an explosive death to the corrupted reptiles.

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Your bow is your right arm. Pick your fights from a distance, line up your shots and surge to wipe out the enemy

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The crucial support, keep a sharp aim while healing your comrades, manage defenses by repairing and reviving the war effort.